The 12 EACPT Congress in Madrid

Dear friends and colleagues 

The 12 EACPT Congress in Madrid is fast approaching. 
We are looking forward to this exciting event 
and we encourage you to register before the early bird deadline 
(31st March), so you can take advantage of a reduced fee. 
 The Scientific Committee has arranged an exciting program covering a wide spectrum of
areas of interest (global health, research, drug regulation and drug
access, clinical practice, education, pharmacovigilance,
pharmacogenetics among others). We have received 550 abstracts from all
5 continents (including 361 from Europe, 110 from Asia, 39 from the
Americas, 23 from Africa and 17 from Australia and New Zealand). 

It is the aim of the organisers to get you all deeply involved in the
congress, enhancing the participation of professionals in clinical
pharmacology, particularly young people. With this objective, the EACPT
and SEFC (Spanish Society of Clinical Pharmacology) are working together
hard to make this meeting an open space for participation, discussion
and networking. Examples of these efforts are: 


On Friday 26 June and Saturday 27 June
in the morning the EACPT is honored to host and support a meeting of
young professionals in clinical pharmacology. A group of them from
various Countries are preparing an exciting agenda for this meeting,
where they will have their own space to discuss aspects that are
important for them. Ideas on how get more deeply involved in the
activities and networking initiatives of EACPT and National Societies
will be one of the topics. Registration for this event is free. EACPT
will cover the meeting expenses and will give economic support to a
NETWORKING event, so that people attending will have only to pay an
affordable price for all economies. 


The congress program will accommodate 9 sessions for oral
presentations (54 communications in total). In each of these sessions,
the attendees will decide by voting the best abstract, which will
receive a 1000 EUR award at the end of each congress day (3 awards per
day). You will have to wake up early to influence the awards of the day!


The call to National Societies to present
initiatives to enhance the role of CP in clinical practice has been
extremely successful. We will have two congress sessions to share 10 of
these initiatives with you. 


morning, after the plenary lecture, we will set up the pillars for the
creation of a true EACPT networking systems, making of our Society a
true platform for communication, professional networking, young
professionals interaction, creation of website-dedicated spaces to areas
of interest. EACPT needs to count with the invaluable contribution of
National Societies, but aims to be the common house of you as individual
professionals. Participating in these initiatives will benefit all of

Acknowledging the economic crisis, the EACPT will offer 40 grants
of 500EUR to first authors under the age of 35. If you are among them,
please do not hesitate to apply. The SEFC is also offering grants and
travel bursaries to Spanish young clinical pharmacologists. Hopefully,
some National Societies will be taking similar initiatives in order to
make of this meeting a live event where we can plan a clearer landscape
for the future generations of clinical pharmacologists. 

We are very
much looking forward to seeing you in Madrid, a live and exciting city
hosting a CP Scientific Meeting of high scientific quality. 

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